Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Block by block

Last week I gave a 5 week notice to my job that I would be leaving to pursue other opportunities that have presented themselves. I thought that giving up the security of a paycheck would leave my normally stressed out body in shambles but I am extremely excited and rearing to go. In October, I will be the proud employee of MYSELF! Woohoo. I am going to be tutoring, art lessons & classes, painting, photographing, and jewelry designing.

But I'm not waiting 5 weeks to get my butt in gear, I'm starting now!

Project Jewelry is now officially underway. Check it out at http://tesorojewelry.etsy.com.

I've had the shop for a year or so but could never find the "time" and I'd always tell people that I was going to wait until it was closer to summer....christmas...easter. You get the picture.

This past summer I've realllllly missed it and just dove head first into my boxes and boxes of stones and findings and I'm pretty psyched.

Can you feel the change in the air people? I can.

I hope to post new creations and Project Painting soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

All About The Girl

Writing in a blog is not as easy as I thought it would be. However, I could never keep a diary as a kid so there you go. I'm going to make it easy on myself and you and do this -

Where were you born? Southern California
What is your star sign? Gemini
What is your ambition? To have a happy life

What project are you working on right now? Trying to create my own multiple side businesses - painting, jewelry, art, writing, teaching classes.
What is your favourite city and why? When I go to Europe one day - I'll let you know which one.

Where would you like to travel? EUROPE, Caribbean again, Australia, Africa, Canada, Spain, Iceland, Ireland, Alaska, all of the continental US states, stratch all that - first EUROPE then the world

What is your favorite color? Black, Blue, Red, and White

What is on your reading list? I'm waiting for the 4th installment of the Percy Jackson series.

What is your favourite record? I'll listen to anything besides rap and most r & b.
What do you like to watch? Anything. I'm a big movie and tv buff.
Any reality shows? So you think you can dance, Top Chef

What is your favourite fictional character? Cruise from Life and Chuck from Chuck
Who is your favourite photographer? Pretty much everyone who is a photographer - I love photographs.
Do you remember the first photo that gave you an impact? About 5 years ago, someone gave me a brochure for a Ashes and Snow exhibit. All of the photos were breaktaking but there was one that I adored - and later painted for myself - of a lying kneeling infront of a boy who is reading to him.
Whats the best advice anyone has ever given to you? Be yourself. Be confident. Take risks. Wish. Dream. Smile.
Who is your favourite model and why? Heidi Klum because she seems really nice.
What is your favourite fashion brand? Target
Who are your favourite fashion designers? I really don't even know. Joe's?
What is your favourite movie? Too many favorites but I'll watch anything besides horror. The Patriot, Ever After, Transformers, Harry Potter movies, The Red Violin

What is your favourite phrase? Right now it is "Ready Freddy?"
What is your favorite fashion item? My chunky rings - see my Etsy store.
What superpower would you like to possess? Invisibility.
What is your favourite drink? Water.
Favourite swear word? Crap
Define sexy. The way you smile.

What inspires you? Art, creativity, imagination, obstacles, my husband
What turns you off? Dishonesty, gossip, complaining

All About The Boy

Straight outta Easton, Pennsylvania then Waco, Texas then Mission Viejo, California then Austin, Texas then Westchester, Pennsylvania, then El Paso, Texas, and finally Irvine/Huntington Beach/Irvine, California REPRESENT! Yeah I guess you could say I have moved around my fair share, it really wasnt until I lived in El Paso, Tx that we kinda settled down and that was only from 5th grade till I graduated High School. I have never been able to sit still or live in one place for very long some people say ahh you have ADD, but I say... whoa I just completely lost my train of thought it would probably help if I reread what I just wrote but that would require reading (something I am not too fond of, nor am very good at). Well thats not entirely true I do enjoy reading if it is something I am intersted in: religion, animals, the ocean, or the wilderness, however I will only read it if it is a short article that is to the point which this article that I am currently writing will be short but probably not to the point. So I got married last year to a beautiful and amazing woman, and everyday since has been an incredible adventure that is why I am writing this blog I want to tell of our daily adventures. I will do my very best to update this daily although it may not happen.... we'll see.

Third Time's a Charm - right? Right!

This is our third attempt (let's count them - one, two, three) at starting a blog. The predecessors were wonderful ideas but in the end they just sat there nagging us to think of something to write.

Therefore, we have decided to have a blog where we don't reallllly have to think - we just write.

And the subject is ............... US! Isn't that awesome?

Stay tuned.